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Sidewall Markings

How to indicate tire

Indication of structure, load, and air pressure


LRH LR stands for Load Range. H has the same meaning as 16PR.
Tread part uses four steel belts and one steel carcass cord.
Uses one steel carcass cord on the side area.
Load and
air pressure
Approved maximum load under the designated air pressure

Speed Code

Speed code Maximum speed (km/h)
L 120
M 130
N 140
P 150
Q 160
R 170
S 180
T 190
H 210
Load Index

Load index Approved load
90 600
95 690
100 800
105 925
110 1060
120 1400
125 1650
130 1900
135 2180
140 2500
145 2900
150 3350
155 3875
160 4500
165 5150
170 6000

Where to install

S Steering Wheel
D Driving wheel
T Trailer Position

Indication of European certification, load, and speed

152 Sustains maximum load of 3,550kg when used on the single fittment.
148 Sustains maximum load of 3,150kg when used on the dual fittment.
L speed limit is 120km/h
E1 European standard size certification code
120 psi Indicates maximum air pressure

Indication of country of origin

Indicates DOT (US Department of Transportation registration number) on the other side.
YO Number of factory manufactured (YO: kok-sung factory, H2: Gwangju factory)
117 Date manufactured (11¢¡11th week, 7¢¡1997)

Radial Bias Tires

Comparison between Radial and Bias tires


The cord direction of carcass is perpendicular with the center line. Strong belt improves speeding and driving safety.


The cord direction of carcass is at an angle of about 35 degrees from the tire's center line.
Structure Carcass + steel belt : perpendicular with the driving direction Many carcasses cross-passing each other
Durability Absence of intervention among carcasses results in low release of heat and improved durability The carcasses intervene each other, resulting in release of much heat and aging.
The tread part is sustained by belt made of steel. As a result, this tire has strong wear resistance. Unable to sustain tread part. Wear resistance not good due to fluctuation.
Comfort Thin and flexible side wall absorbs shock. Great driving comfort. Thick side wall relays shock without any absorption.
Economy 1.5~2 times compared to the bias Little wear resistance causes frequent loading and unloading. Economy vs. price is low.

Tubless & Tube Type Tires
Heat Releasing
Flat-tire Related
Balance Superb balance thanks to the absence of imbalance stemming from tube, flap, and, fixed ring. Low balance due to imbalance among many parts and the folding of tube.
Weight Reduction of weight and improvement of combustion rate by using tire and rim only. Use of tube and flap increases weight.

Loading Size & Technical Data